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“If you are considering hiring a professional stager to help you prepare your house for the market, I highly recommend Nerene. She spent two hours with me going through my house room-by-room and offered me great suggestions for how to organize, maximize space, spruce everything up, and generally make it appealing to potential buyers. Nerene is so professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. I greatly appreciate Nerene and her pre-market consult services. She is AMAZING!”

– Peggy H.

“Nerene is a wonderful asset to My Home Teams marketing for our clients. Staging a home definitely will make your home sell faster. My clients just absolutely love her. She does not come in to “sell” her staging, she gives them advice on what they can do with their current furniture and ideas of how they can fix up their home to get it ready to sell. As an Realtor we are always hit with many offers to help increase our business. Nerene truly is a remarkable find. We call her My Home Team’s Pre-Marketing Preparation Consultant. She knows her stuff inside and out. Her classes will give you the ability to see how much staging can help your clients. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn how staging is the smartest decision your clients will make.”
– Chrissie H.

“Nerene truly offers a unique perspective when it comes to staging and offers a products that is one of the best in this business. Working with her was amazing and she helped my clients to see their home like they never had before. We got their house sold in record time and as an agent, I was so proud of that listing. I got numerous compliments on the staging and I believe that no one would have been better for the job!”

– Connie H.

“I’ve taken a couple classes taught by Nerene and her approach to staging is awesome! She understands that people buy on emotion and then justify with logic. Her approach to staging is about marketing a home just like advertisers market a product for a TV commercial. She focuses on how things will look in person, but also how they’ll look in pictures online which is so huge since that’s how almost everyone begins their home search nowadays. If you’re a Realtor, Nerene and her team can be the difference between your listings selling at or above asking price instead of having to reduce the price or even risk losing the listing. Be sure to use her services and take one of her classes whenever you can!”

– Taylor O.

“Everyone told me up front how good Nerene is at what she does. THEY LIED! She is SPECTACULAR at what she does!!! The house looks just amazing! After seeing where it started, and seeing where it is now, it is hard to believe it’s the same home. I can’t begin to tell her how THRILLED I am with what she’s done. What incredible talent she has. Just incredible! I know she’s gone a lot of extra miles in time and energy for us on this project and that is appreciated so much. She has provided value far beyond her fee. She is an amazing woman and an amazing blessing.”

– Randy