Staged Up Colorado is Denver's premier home staging service. We help Realtors and Home Owners sell the dream of their home to prospective buyers by using the psychology of staging.

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We Help Realtors Close Deals Faster

Here’s the truth about real estate: Regardless of budget, location or any other variable, a prospective buyer walking into a property is always looking for the same thing; that elusive, almost indefinable extra something – an emotional element that grabs them and holds them there until they can’t imagine calling anywhere else “home”. Once you bring a buyer “home” through staging, the rest is easy. A property will sell itself – and FAST…
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Why Every Realtor Should Stage Their Client’s Home

Now, you may be thinking, What’s the point of home staging? After all, you’re a real estate agent, not an interior designer. Your job is to sell properties, not to decorate them. But here’s why home staging is an essential part of the selling process:

Staging makes a home more emotionally attractive to buyers. Whether you’re making use of existing furniture or bringing in new pieces to create the right impression, staging is all about helping the buyer feel at home.

Staging also reduces “empty box syndrome.” When presented with an empty box of a room, most buyers feel overwhelmed and unsure. What’s the purpose of the space? How would I arrange my furniture? Will my furniture even fit?

And then there’s the matter of a home that’s completely personalized to the current homeowner’s tastes. When confronted with this scenario, many buyers can’t see past changeable design finishes in a space, such as the paint color or floor coverings. This becomes your problem when buyers automatically dismiss a home because they can’t imagine themselves living in the space.

Staged Up Colorado uses great design married with emotionally driven aesthetic to help potential buyers see your client’s property as their own. A bonus: using our services can be a marketing write off for both Realtors and Home Owners!

How Home Staging Works

1)  Home Pre-Marketing Consultation:  Let’s set up a time to talk. Contact us via phone, email, or our online form.

2)  Preview the Home:  Your property will be previewed either in person or through detailed online photos.  The necessary information is gathered and submitted to our lead designer.

3)  Quote Home Staging:  Our home staging expert will submit a quote to you within 48 hours of previewing.

4)  Order Home Staging:  Once your request has been submitted into our system, a staging date will be set, and the preparations will begin for your property.

5)  Start Home Staging:  On the staging date, our team will arrive to your home, set up the stage, and leave your property photo-ready.

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