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Serving Colorado

Staged Up Colorado advocates for realtors, investors, and homeowners using emotionally driven, aesthetically pleasing staging techniques, increasing the perceived value of each property. Our team of design professionals is excited to learn more about your project and ready to help!

Our Services

Client Consultations

2-4 hour full home staging assessment and homeowner education session.

Photo Prep

Combined use of owner items and staged items in an occupied home.

Vacant Home Staging

Staging of an entire vacant home, or select rooms as needed.

Realtor Education

Teaching realtors the value and basic principles of home staging. Contact us to schedule your office training.

Staged Up Colorado

We are the go to staging company in the Denver metro area, we believe that staging is more than aesthetics. It is about using each individual property’s unique character to help tell an emotional story to prospective buyers. Using the principles of psychology and the design elements of color, texture, placement and current trends, we educate our clients and design highly marketable properties.